Why is the land advertised so cheap?

Our business model is to buy property in bulk and market the property at a wholesale price. Many properties are purchased from people,
corporations, or government entities that are under financial duress or have no need for the property. Thousands of propertes are
researched and the ones that we believe are the most “under market value” are the ones that are purchased. By using these methods,
we pass on the savings to our clients. We have been honored to have many repeat clients, because they see value in our property offerings.

How do I buy a property?

The process of buying a property is very simple.

  1. Look at the inventory of properties for sale.
  2. Pick a property of interest.
  3. Be sure to perform any research you need.
  4. Contact us and specify the property.
  5. You will be informed if the property is still for sale.
  6. You will be provided simple buying instructions.

How do I find out detailed information specific to each property?

Buyers will need to conduct all research. Once research is completed, buyers can then proceed to purchase the property, if it is still available.

How do I find out more information?

To find out more information, click the “Contact Us” link at the top, or send an email to the following: info ((at)) cheaplands ((dott)) com
Although our phone number is available, it is best to send an email with the property you are referencing for the fastest response.



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